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Mercer Edge

From now on, the world of data has clarity

Mercer Edge makes facts about members readily accessible, brings these facts to life through the addition of detailed insights and unleashes the power of predictive analytics to guide marketing and member experience investments.

Mercer Edge enables your Fund to: 

  • Grow share and size of wallet, and retain your members.
  • Exponentially increase understanding of your members.
  • Develop appropriate strategies and campaigns which prioritise and maximise marketing investment.

What is Mercer Edge?

Key questions for Super Funds

  • Can I really compete with the 100s of other super funds, the banks, the retailers and whatever consumer disruption is coming next?
  • What are my members doing, when and why?
  • Which members are most at risk of leaving,
  • Which members are most likely to have super elsewhere, presenting an opportunity for consolidations to our fund?
  • How likely would our members be to recommend our fund to others? Which elements of service are letting us down?
  • How do I maximise return on investment from marketing and member experience initiatives?

Harnessing Real Time Data & Analytics for Growth and Retention

  • Insights and analysis of your membership is all delivered within the secure Mercer data environment, readily accessible through an online portal.
  • Ability to act on insights quickly by extracting details of your members in near real-time.
  • Mercer Edge is available exclusively to Mercer super administration clients.
  • Sophisticated predictive analytics derived directly from your member data, enabling you to identify and extract in near real-time the details of your members who are predicted to undertake specific behaviours related to growth and retention in the near future.
  • Market leading member sentiment (net promoter score) measurement and analysis.
  • Clear, actionable insight into the retirement readiness of every individual in your fund.

Mercer Edge is available to clients as four different options

1. ESSENTIAL What did your members do in the past?

Concise membership metrics and reporting delivered within an automated environment with the ability to drill down as required.

2. INTERMEDIATE Unparalleled member insights and understanding

Mercer Edge Essential + Unparalleled insights and understanding of your membership base from geo-demographic, psychographic and behavioural segmentation.

3. EXPERT Unleashes the power of predictive analytics

Mercer Edge Intermediate + Mercer smarts that highlight individual members propensity to take particular actions, delivering an individual score for every member to assist with retention, cross-sell and up-sell.



Using Mercer’s proprietary Retirement Readiness Index, gauge the retirement readiness of your members to develop appropriate strategies to engage.



Measurement, reporting and analysis of market leading member sentiment at both a product and a channel level. It’s now possible to take direct and targeted action to drive improvements in member satisfaction and your Net Promoter Score®.




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