Dave Stuart l Sky Business News - Mercer Australia

Dave Stuart l Sky Business News - Mercer Australia

China still a concern for investors

Keep a close eye on China says Mercer’s Chief Investment Strategist in the Pacific region.

Dave Stuart, Mercer Pacific’s Chief Investment Strategist, was interviewed on the Sky Business program Your Money, Your Call at the end of July. When asked what his biggest worry was (aside from the performance of his beloved Tottenham Hotspur), Dave answered that investors are potentially not paying enough attention to China – the key accelerant in the volatile mix that kicked off 2016.


Hosted by the NAB’s Mark Todd, the program also featured Talal Yassine, Managing Director of Islamic super, investments corporate advisory firm Crescent Wealth.

The almost hour-long program began with a summary of Mercer’s Investments business, then led to discussions on:

  • The growing investor interest in responsible investment and ESG (approximately 7 minutes in)
  • The importance of not allowing short-term “noise” to undermine medium-term investment strategy. As Dave said: “I’d rather put my money with a good manager
  • who has had a bad year, than with a bad manager who has had a good year.” (9 min) 
  • Brexit (17 min).
  • Hybrid versus “pure” bonds issued by high-quality companies, Mercer’s strong preference for the latter, and the need to avoid home country bias in equity investment. (32 min)
  • The need to acknowledge and prepare for lower, single-digit returns becoming the norm rather than the exception. (38 min)
  • Disclosure and regulatory protection, especially “where someone is making money out of managing your money.” (52 min)

To watch, follow the link on the right and complete the form below to contact Dave. 

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