Successful Investors Looking Long-Term l Mercer Australia

Successful Investors Looking Long-Term l Mercer Australia


While markets and commentators generally focus their attention on markets and monetary policy, investors may be missing some of the more important long-term trends.

Often consumed by short-term market moves and monetary policy, investors may not be paying enough attention to the longer-term opportunities now emerging on the back of advances in healthcare, demographic shifts and climate change.

As the BBC and others have previously reported, 2015 saw the dawn of gene editing, the rise of immunotherapy and the first hints of a drug to slow the pace of Alzheimer's disease. Such developments will clearly play a huge role in changing the lives and expectations of future customers, pension fund members and societies as a whole.

Growing ageing populations, coupled with diminishing workforces to support them, is arguably the key long-term trend investors need to be preparing for. China’s working-age population peaked in 2015, tipping the balance and shifting momentum to a world of rising dependency ratios and a greater burden on economies that must somehow support more retired citizens on fewer tax dollars. 

Then we had our hottest year on record with 2015 earning the dubious title of Earth's warmest by the widest margin on record.  

Thinking long term is one of four key trends and opportunities shaping the investment environment in 2016. Download our recent paper at right for more details on this and the other three trends.



Opportunities shaping the investment environment

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