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What it takes to thrive


The Thrive Imperative

Rapid advances in technology, including the rise of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robots, are destroying jobs, creating new ones and reshaping the skills businesses and individuals need to flourish and succeed.

At the same time, seismic socio-cultural shifts are underway. Permanent labour is increasingly being replaced by independent contractors, consumers are turning to boutique disruptors for their products of choice and the traditional view of the ‘ideal worker’ is being exploded as women and people from diverse cultural backgrounds claim their right to equal access to the opportunities that ensure they can realise their potential.

These are just some of the factors that are forcing businesses to rethink what it takes to thrive.

What it Takes to Thrive

Over many years, Mercer has researched what it takes for business to thrive during these times. After speaking to clients and subject matter experts, and reviewing the literature, we find navigating ambiguity and uncertainty to achieve sustainable growth depends on:

  • organisations being led by a purpose that has a positive societal impact, and with structures that are agile and resilient
  • cultivating a diverse and adaptive workforce, which is inclusive and growth focused and committed to the wellbeing of  its people
  • developing individual employees so they are growing and contributing, empowered and connected, and healthy and energised.


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