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Dr Jess Murphy, an inclusion and diversity thought leader and creator of the transformational sponsorship program - Pathway to Your Potential (P2YP).

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Pathway to Your Potential (P2YP)

Mercer announced in December 2017 it was strengthening its growing diversity and inclusion consulting practice through a strategic alliance with Dr. Jess Murphy, an inclusion and diversity thought leader and creator of the transformational sponsorship program - Pathway to Your Potential (P2YP).

With more than 20 years’ experience across financial services, retail and property sectors, Dr. Murphy has a track record in finding innovative ways to disrupt the status quo by exposing and unpicking the barriers that exist for women in the workplace. Empowering and inspiring male leaders to use their reputational capital to seek out opportunities for high potential women, and building the confidence of women to seek out and seize career opportunities are critical components of the program.

Attracting and retaining diverse talent and building a culture where difference is valued and included are key issues facing our clients. Indeed, Mercer’s research on Thriving in an Age of Disruption shows an inclusive culture with high levels of trust and a growth mindset permeate are essential ingredients to success in today’s ambiguous and uncertain times.


Dr Jess Murphy is in the business of disrupting traditional corporate structures to move them into the 21st Century mindset. She has over 20 years experience in Corporate Australia, achieving results in dynamic roles – from generalist to specialist; individual contributor to leader of leaders. This, plus ongoing academic contributions as an Adjunct Professor in business leadership means you can expect progressive thinking with practical application.

Dr. Jess Murphy recognises the importance of working with today’s leaders to create a brighter tomorrow – working closely with senior leaders and executives to develop their own confidence in terms of how to effectively ‘involve difference’ as well as advocate and support those different to them. This involves challenging leaders to step outside their comfort zones and view the world from a different but equally valid perspective.

The recent strategic alliance between Mercer and Dr. Jess Murphy will focus on accelerating change in this space through empowering talented individuals to take action and put themselves forward with confidence as well as tapping into the latent potential of leaders to become more effective in involving and advocating for those ‘different’ to them.


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