2020 proved to be one for the history books...

The market volatility during the pandemic challenged governance models, and for many investors, portfolios did not perform in line with expectations (for either risk or return). As we approach a new investment landscape, investors should think differently about how to position their portfolios for success.

Our team of local and global experts have packaged up the key investment ideas and priorities that the superannuation industryendowments & foundationsinsurers and wealth management firms should be thinking about as they navigate through 2021 and beyond.





Whether you are considering your approach to assessing and managing market risk or reviewing your strategic asset allocation, our team of experts are well-placed to help you navigate the investment landscape. If you want to execute your own decisions through your in-house team on a leading-edge infrastructure, are seeking out best-in-class managers or a combination of both, Mercer can help.



2020 changed quickly, and so did we.

Check out our webinar replays where we dived deep into a range of 2020 investment priorities as they unfolded.


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