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Gender Pay Index

Mercer’s Gender Pay Index measures the relativity between salaries offered to male and female staff working in the same role within the same organisation in our database.



June 2021


Mercer’s gender pay index measures the relativity between salaries offered to male and female staff working in the same role within the same organisation in our database. A positive value indicates that the market is offering female employees’ salaries below those being paid to male employees in the same role, while a negative figure indicates that female employees are attracting salaries above male employees in the role.


Please note: The global standard and Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) standard is for a positive value to indicate where males are being paid more.  

Mercer’s remuneration database operates on a rolling basis, with organisations providing remuneration data submissions throughout the year. As a result, each month we share the overall gender pay index findings in addition to industry-specific results for those sectors for which reportable data is available.


The gender pay index for June is 2.3% on average. The positive figure indicates that males are attracting higher salaries than their female counterparts.


Looking at the gender pay index by career level, the average gap is widest at the executive level at 3.0%. At the professional and para-professional levels, the gap is 2.2% and 2.6% respectively. While for management level roles there is a gap of 2.2%.



The industry sectors with the broadest average gender pay index this month included chemical (7.0%), agriculture (4.9%) and mining 4.0%). 


This month, while no industries had a reportable gender pay index in favour of female employees, some came close. Finance and insurance, and FMCG reported gender pay indexes of 0.1% and 0.2% respectively, indicating salaries being slightly higher for women.



  Gender gap (%)
Agriculture 4.9
Chemical 7.0
Construction/Engineering 3.5
Education & Research 0.6
Energy, Water & Utilities 2.7
Finance & Insurance 0.1
FMCG 0.2
Health Care 2.7
High-Tech 2.8
Hospitality & Recreation 2.9
Life Sciences 1.4
Manufacturing 3.1
Mining 4.0
Professional Services 2.8
Public Admin/Defence 1.4
Retail 1.0
Transport/Storage 3.2

Source: Mercer's remuneration database


Disclaimer: While every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, no warranty is given in respect thereof.


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