Vidoe l HR Symposium 2015 - Mercer Australia

Vidoe l HR Symposium 2015 - Mercer Australia

Thriving Workforces

HR Symposium 2015 in Review

When Women Thrive, Business Thrive: Exploring how Australian employers are accelerating the pace of change to achieving gender equality.

In September,  Mercer hosted its second HR Symposium for 2015: When Women Thrive, Businesses Thrive.

The Symposium was a half day event offering guests the opportunity to learn from and engage with Australian employers, who are effectively advancing female talent in their workplace, which is helping drive business results.

The following video is a snapshot from the Symposium, asking our guest to address the following, to facilitate gender equality issues in diffrerent organisations;

What are the current issues for organisations trying to address gender equity? 
What innovative solutions are organisations implementing?
How does the future look?


Big Workforce Data

Leveraging your data to understand diversity challenges in your organisation. This webinar hosted by Raphaele Nicaud and Sara Fuller from Mercer’s Talent business in the Pacific, will articulate:

  • The tools and techniques Mercer uses to identify diversity levers within organisations,

  • how to leverage workforce analytics to engage leaders in actively promoting and managing diversity plus, 

  • two case studies from Australian businesses, which demonstrate the power of leveraging data analytics to effectively review and refine your workplace diversity strategy.