HR M&A Playbook: A Critical Tool to Drive Deal Value

HR M&A Playbook: A Critical Tool to Drive Deal Value

Addressing human capital risk early and in a clear and methodical way is fundamental to driving deal value in M&A transactions. Prime examples of people risks that can severely undermine deals and destroy value are poorly executed integrations, failure to consider culture and organizational fit, inability to retain top talent, and lack of clarity in employee communications.

High-performing HR M&A teams combat these common risks by developing an HR M&A playbook that establishes a common approach to initiating and managing transactions.

While every team’s HR M&A playbook is different, there are key elements that should exist in all playbooks. 

First, the playbook must be a practical, how-to guide. HR M&A playbooks have traditionally served as a comprehensive encyclopedia, complete with process maps for each HR workstream and every possible deal scenario.

While these playbooks have great content, when a deal comes in, the HR team has a difficult time using them, and as a result, the playbooks are often thrown to the side. In order for a playbook to be effective, it must be used. Your HR M&A playbook must provide enough guidance for the HR team to do their job effectively while avoiding information overload. The HR team must also be able to adapt the playbook for any deal scenario. It’s a difficult balance to strike. 

Bart Hermans
by Bart Hermans

Partner, Mercer

Emily K. Cox
by Emily K. Cox

Principal, M&A Advisory Services

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