What’s your fund’s greatest challenge?


As we embark upon one of the most transformative years the super industry will see, find out how CEOs of super funds are thinking about the future and the lessons learned from 2020. Are funds ready to chart their course for future success? Or will constant uncertainty and change drive funds to distraction? 

In 2021, we see the change, and say Challenge Accepted. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

The Challenge Accepted 2021 report builds upon Mercer’s ground-breaking 2017 report on super, ‘Change or Be Changed – Are super funds prepared?


In Challenge Accepted, you will find out:

  • Where are funds looking for growth

  • Their thoughts on regulation 

  • What funds worry about the most

  • Opinions on sustainability, innovation, post-retirement, the power of people and much more.


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As we come into another year of far-reaching change – are we ready?

Anthony Schiavo, Partner at Mercer reflects on his in-depth discussions with CEOs of super funds. How did super funds adapt to the “Business as Unusual” environment, and are they up to the challenge ahead?


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Anthony Schiavo
Partner, State Manager Queensland

Brian Zanker
Partner, Head of Business Development

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