What’s your fund’s greatest challenge?


2021 is shaping up to be one of the most transformative years the super industry has seen – and likely will see for a long time. Find out how CEOs and senior executives of super funds are thinking about the future and the lessons learned from 2020. Will constant uncertainty and change drive funds to distraction?


In 2021, we see the change, and say Challenge Accepted. Are you ready to accept the challenge of change?


In Challenge Accepted, you will find out:

  • What’s keeping super fund executives up at night
  • What’s causing roadblocks in mergers - and why merging is not the only solution
  • Why your people are your power to getting the deal done and how to notice the red flags
  • Why investment performance is one of the biggest challenges facing funds
  • Why funds need to rethink member engagement
  • Embracing technology: why one size doesn’t fit all.
  • Cyber security and super: why it’s such an opportunity for cyber criminals.

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Research highlights


Investment returns
top of mind

The pressure to deliver improved investment returns has well and truly solidified its position as front of mind for funds with 76% citing it as their #1 most important strategic goal and activity for 2021.


Merger mania:
Getting the deal done

While merging is a hot topic of conversation, it’s not easy getting the deal done with 47% of respondents citing roadblocks.


Delivering the deal:
Your people are your power

The stakes of ignoring people risks are high! 47% of deals don’t succeed due to a lack of strategic planning and people risks. 


Members are boss …
or are they?

Given only 5% of respondents ranked member engagement as having the greatest influence, is improving member services and engagement a priority?


As we come into another year of far-reaching change – are we ready?

Anthony Schiavo, Partner at Mercer reflects on his in-depth discussions with CEOs of super funds. How did super funds adapt to the “Business as Unusual” environment, and are they up to the challenge ahead?

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Anthony Schiavo
Partner, State Manager Queensland

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