7 Disciplines of the mindful leader

Mercer has collaborated with WorkSmart Australia to integrate inclusion into The Mindful Leader 360 tool, creating the ideal instrument against which to assess and develop inclusive leaders.

1. Be here now
Is mindful, solid and equanimous
Manages their attention and energy well
Is connected, sensitive and emotionally intelligent

2. Take 200% accountability
Hold them to account, self-reflects and can change
Holds others to account for performance and behaviour standards
Is consistently learning oriented, even in the area of accountability

3. Leads from mindful values
Expresses the virtues and values they stand for (their talk)
Walks their talk with real honesty and integrity
Extends wholesome virtues to the entire supply chain

4. Inspires a mindful vision
Shares an inspiring vision that will make the world a better place (right livelihood)
Enlists others in this vision.
Ensures the vision is aligned with strategies and daily activities.

Diversity and Inclusion

Inside out program

5. Cultivate a beginner’s mind
Creates learning rituals and a learning culture
Cultivates Beginner’s Mind (including the principle that no idea or assumption is sacred)
Implements design thinking and intelligent experimenting
Ensures diverse perspectives are valued and included

6. Empowers others to shine
Is generous with their time and resources
Is compassionate, and helps others who are struggling
Skillfully empowers others to shine
Sponsors talent from under-represented groups

7. Nourishes others with love

Is warm & friendly
Is a person full of gratitude – an attitude of gratitude
Recognises and praises people for great work in a sincere and authentic way
Ensures there are celebration rituals

Source: The Mindful Leader™ by WorkSmart Australia

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