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Inside Out Leadership Program

Mercer has developed a three month leadership program designed to help leaders and people managers build the mind-set and insight required to cultivate inclusive behaviours, improve decision making practices and build diverse, high performing teams. The format is customised to tackle organisation-specific challenges and opportunities with practical learnings applied throughout the program.

“Insider Out increases team performance by helping leaders build the mindset and insights that enable diverse talent to thrive.”

How the program works?

We assess leaders against an empirically sound and valid assessment framework - The Mindful Leader™. This framework captures Kouzes and Posner’s Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® and the ancient teachings of insight mindfulness.

Using a face to face, online and coaching environment, we develop leaders against this framework; their behaviours are assessed for their impact on:

  • Employee engagement
  • Team effectiveness
  • Trust
  • The well-being of your people
  • The diversity of your workforce

Participants reflect how their mindsets and insights govern their ability to lead high performing teams and pinpoint their barriers to change using Kegan and Lahey’s Immunity to Change model.

Leaders analyse their organisational data and assess how they impact the experience of diverse talent.
The program leverages the experiential learning environment and embeds latest neuroscience and evidence supporting diversity and inclusion as a performance driver.

  • Course details

    • 4 weeks of guided self-reflection preparation work,
    • 2 days of experiential workshop learning,
    • 8 weeks of guided mind-training and additional self-reflection before a
    • Final full day workshop. 
    • A leadership 360 is taken pre-workshop.

    Additional targeted pulse checks can be taken at six months and 12 months following program commencement.

    Participants receive a 12-month subscription to Awakened Mind – the world’s most advanced, structured and complete mindfulness app to support their ongoing development.

    Single day formats with mini assessments are also available.

  • You will be equipped to

    Building teams who are empowered to achieve success. Inside Out builds the capacity of participants to create an environment where their teams can deliver their best, every day.

    To achieve this goal, we focus on:

    • Helping leaders understand the impact of mindsets on their behaviours and how this, in turn, impacts their team’s performance
    • How to foster insight mindfulness to reducing stress, improve decision-making, idea generation, focus and attention
    • Improve trust and collaboration by cultivating the ability to connect with and relate to others
    • Train behaviours that enable talent to thrive

    Who is the course designed for

    Suited to executives, senior managers and high potentials.

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