Engaging Todays Workforce

Engaging Todays Workforce

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Engaging Today's Workforce

Insights from 25 years of research

Over the past twenty five years, interest in employee engagement has increased dramatically. A Google search of employee engagement yields close to 12 million entries. Amazon has over 8,000 employee engagement books. In Mercer’s 2017 Global Talent Trends study, CEOs identified employee engagement as one of the most critical factors they need to understand to drive performance in their organization. The concept has become so widespread that it now seems to represent more than just a psychological construct. Considering how broadly accepted engagement is as a human capital concept, one could argue that engagement has become more of a movement than a measurement, representing a core part of the current management zeitgeist.

In this review, we separate fact from fiction and share what we’ve learned about engagement through our research with millions of employees working in thousands of organizations around the globe. We’ll start by tracing the evolution of the idea over the past 25 years. Then we will present our model of engagement and highlight key learnings from our research. We’ll discuss new trends that are emerging and provide recommendations for building a 21st century employee research program in your own organization.

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