Diversity and Inclusion Performance Outcomes

Diversity and Inclusion Performance Outcomes

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Diverse and inclusive teams deliver better performance outcomes

There is now overwhelming evidence that teams of diverse talent who bring different perspectives, thinking preferences and approaches to decision making are more engaged and creative,  and make better decisions. The extent of this performance advantage depends on leadership behaviours. Asking for feedback, holding yourself and others accountable, creating a culture of constructive challenge, enabling diverse talent to thrive and curiosity and openness are among the key traits research shows create a culture of inclusion. They are also akin to the defining traits of exemplary leadership that have been empirically proven to lead to extraordinary outcomes.

Organisations with exemplary leaders have:

higher employee engagement (Kouzes and Posner 2014)
841% v 49%
10-year net income growth of organisations with leaders who apply exemplary leadership to greater vs lesser extent (Roi 2006)
204% v 76%
10-year stock price growth of organisations with leaders who apply exemplary leadership to greater vs lesser extent (Roi 2006)

Mindfulness unlocks our ability to lead inclusively

Neuroscience proves the ancient tradition of mindfulness affects leader’s ability to make these behaviours a way of being. New behaviours can be taught but long term behavioural change won’t occur unless the mind develops the neural pathways to more effectively access the pre-frontal cortex and detach from the thoughts and emotions that inhibit inclusion and undermine leadership effectiveness. Identifying and overcoming the personal barriers to change must also occur.

Mindful leaders

Practicing mindful awareness increases density of grey matter in the brain’s pre-frontal cortex, which is responsible for insight and perspective, emotional control and empathy (Bunting 2016)

Mindfulness positively correlated with fewer cognitive errors in the workplace (Klockner & Hicks 2013)

Improves attention, memory and workplace relationships (The Mindfulness Clinic 2016) 

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