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What play will learning play in the future of our workforce? Mercer Learning Australia

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The Demand for an Agile, Innovative Workforce
Calendar17 October 2017

To Build, Buy, or Borrow tomorrow's talent?

Given that workplace disruption has become a sizeable issue – what skills do we need to acquire in order to prepare for the future? Mercer Learning Commercial Leader, Andrew Fletcher, shares his insights on how to build the capabilities critical to your organisation’s future.

Understanding how C-Suite Executives approach structural change within their organisation is an essential component to assessing the specific skillset your workforce will need. Compiled with input from 400+ senior executives, 1700+ HR professionals, and 54,000+ employees from 20 industries, Mercer’s 2017 Global Talent Trends report has found that 92 per cent of Australian C-suite executives will make structural changes within their organisation over the next two years to increase responsiveness, productivity, agility and innovation.

When the same executives were asked if they would consider their organisation as change agile, the response was far from encouraging placing Australian organisations far below global trends.

"If we accept our Executives’ view that there is a deficiency in most of our organisations’ ability to adapt to change in an agile way – what place will learning play into the future?"

This article was first published on the website of The Australian Institute of Training and Development.