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Sleep Pod, Kayak or Flex? The rise of Personalised Benefits
Calendar24 July 2017


What do people want in benefits, and what do organisations need? Is it kayaking classes, sleep pods, flexible work arrangements or private health cover? And what does the future of benefits look like.

Lydia Wright, from Mercer’s Workforce Products business in Sydney gives her top 4 tips for building a benefits plan.


About the author

Lydia Wright
Lydia is an Associate in Mercer’s Workforce Products business for Australia and New Zealand. Her specialty is in general market and industry-specific remuneration & benefits data, workforce metrics, analytical & insights services, industry networks/forums and consulting services to industry sectors.

If you’d like to chat with Lydia about how she can help your organisation thrive, reach out to her below.

P: +61 2 8864 6349
E: lydia.wright@mercer.com

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