Data Ignites HR Playbook l Mercer Australia Benchmarking Surveys

Data Ignites HR Playbook l Mercer Australia Benchmarking Surveys

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Faster Smarter Now: Data Ignites HR Playbook
Calendar24 July 2017

Imagine if you could use data to predict and create your ideal workforce. Sound impossible, futuristic? Simon Kennedy, Market Insights Practice Leader, Mercer Australia and New Zealand believes it’s not. It’s happening right now.  

“People think analytics is the future – and it will be in our future. But it’s also right here, right now. From big project to small, it can help HR have a more insightful and strategic seat at the table, and truly portray their value”.

Download the report to understand how data can be used to:

  • Become the strategic HR business partner your business needs you to be.
  • Hire and retain the best possible talent.
  • Leverage data & analytics to accurately make your next workforce decision.
  • Optimise cost, increase productivity and improve employee engagement.

About the author

Simon Kennedy
Simon is a Senior HR Consulting Professional with expertise in compensation, benefits, mobility, workforce strategy, metrics and analytics with +15 years’ experience advising companies operating across a global geography from industries including oil & gas, utilities, energy & commodity trading, mining, construction, financial services, life sciences, education and professional services.

Simon currently leads a team of 29 people who are passionate about delivering meaningful and actionable data, analytics and insights to our remuneration & benefits survey, mobility and information consulting clients in Australia & New Zealand.

Simon is a regular speaker at Mercer conference events and facilitator of a variety of industry roundtables throughout the year.

P: +61 2 8864 6952

  Download Faster Smarter Now: Data Ignites the HR Playbook
Start using data to predict, define and create your ideal workforce for tomorrow, today.
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