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Career Frameworks

Is your organisation challenged by: attracting and engaging high-potential talent? Unclear career progression and key competencies for success? A shortage of specific skills?

Mercer’s career framework effectively outlines career levels and job families within your orgnisation to provide a clear view of your where your organisation’s talent lies and their potential career paths.

A career framework is s a strategic centrepiece that sits at the core of every HR department and touches on all workforce initiatives, yet surprisingly: only one in two companies  have a career framework – 50% don’t!

This is at odds with the 70% of companies who report confidence in filling their critical roles internally. More needs to be done to help employees recognize the compelling career paths that exist within their own organizations.

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With a career framework from Mercer you will:

  • Attract, retain, and engage employees by demonstrating options for growth.   
  • Translate business objectives into explicit talent requirements. 
  • Strategically map the growth of critical skills. 
  • Assign accountabilities, performance standards and competencies to roles.
  • Create easier benchmarking for rewards and benefits programs. 
  • Connect HR initiatives to anchor a cohesive talent strategy. 
  • Get the most out of your career framework by implementing our Career View App to empower employees to take control of their career path within your organisation.
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