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During times of uncertainty, there is a heightened need for quick decision-making and fast strategies to face unexpected hurdles. Business leaders must manage both the daily challenges and keep an eye on the long-term financial and operational risks.


The economic impacts of COVID-19 are already unfolding for many organisations. This is happening faster for some organisations, particularly in heavily impacted industries, leading to business disruption and financial distress, and uncertainty for employees.

From an employee standpoint, communication with empathy is critical to retain key talent, while redeployment strategies and leadership development are some examples of people issues to consider in a potential workforce restructure.




Turning around companies in distress

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What new opportunities do you have?


As organisations consider how their new shape of work might look, it’s an opportunity to streamline operations and extract synergies on growth and revenue. On the other end of the spectrum, it’s a chance to accelerate integration activities of prior acquisitions, simplifying their structure to unlock value and enhance governance.


Companies in financial distress are considering (and executing) changes to their existing business models – to raise capital, focus on core business, or quickly reconfigure to be best positioned going forward – including transactions (divestitures, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures).  On the other hand, thriving companies are seeking distressed assets, which can be acquired at an interesting discount in ‘opportunistic transactions’. This activity is accelerating now, and is predicted to spike significantly in the longer term, as economic conditions become more clear.



How can we help you?


Whether you’re positioned to take advantage of the current climate or you need to react quickly to a challenging environment, we are here to help. Mercer is the industry leader in advising companies on capturing value in all aspects of the restructuring and turnaround process, including M&A transactions.  


Our unparalleled expertise in translating people risks into measurable financial and operational outcomes has been shared with hundreds of distressed companies over the past 15 years.  From formulating turnaround strategies, uncovering cost savings, implementing turnarounds, accelerating rapid change and transacting, our team can partner with you to drive sustainable value creation in all human capital aspects of your turnaround, whether it be:

•       Operating model design

•       Workforce configuration

•       Reward and incentive design

•       Portfolio optimisation through divestments

•       Benefits analysis and optimisation; and

•       Rapid change acceleration.



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