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COVID-19 has already vastly changed the talent landscape. We’ve seen some organisations immediately mobilise their talent, breaking down traditional boundaries across teams and hierarchies.

On the other end of the spectrum, there have been significant furloughs and stand-downs in some sectors – and a rapid headcount increase in others. Some leaders have had to take on specific COVID-19-related projects, while others look after new or reassigned team members.

In all cases, employees everywhere are taking on additional responsibilities, and as a result, the role of leaders will permanently change.

The need for leaders to be agile, responsive and to lead their teams through uncertainty is stronger than it’s ever been. No matter the industry, organisations will need extensive talent programs that are receptive to these changing market conditions.



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What new opportunities do you have?


As organisations return to the workplace and set themselves up for a strong rebound, a clearer picture will begin to emerge of the future of work and the health of their industry. They will be in a better position to start evaluating what talent will be critical to return to growth under each scenario. Now is a better time than any to refocus on talent programs, including acquiring and developing leadership capabilities, setting up robust succession pipelines and, in some cases, looking at new talent that will help build organisational resilience. 




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Mercer can help with all of your talent needs and challenges. We can determine the current and future scenarios possible and their impacts on your workforce, as well as create agile organisation design and future talent frameworks. We partner with you to build future-focused success profiles, determine talent bench strength, build succession pipelines, extract external talent intelligence and of course, acquire new talent.




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