Businesses are relying on their HR professionals to be as resilient and innovative as ever


In the global financial crisis, businesses turned to their CFOs to guide them through. In a people-led crisis, HR professionals are in the spotlight to help navigate firms through to the other side.  In a crisis, it’s natural to focus on the short term – what do I need to do to get through tomorrow, next week, next month? It's important to not get stuck in crisis mode and take time to strategically plan for the future of your organisation and your people.

There is no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work - and the way we think about our roles and organisations. How we learn and adapt will determine our future. What actions can your organisation take to minimise the negative impact of COVID-19 to your people and to reinvent itself for the future?


As the situation evolves, we’re committed to helping you stay ahead.



The Three R's: A framework for recovery and reinvention

Stage 1

Reacting to COVID-19


With little preparation for such an event or time to react, here are the top things to focus on as you react to COVID-19.


Stage 2

Returning to work


Returning to work doesn’t mean a return to business as usual. Start thinking now about what you’ll need to prepare for the return.

Stage 3

Reinventing for the future


Post COVID-19, what will your business and your people need to thrive? Prepare now to reinvent and succeed.



Stage 1: Reacting to COVID-19

How you react and adapt during the beginning of a crisis will determine the overall success of your response. Proactive companies will benefit by implementing change on many fronts ─ from adaptive working, to restructuring benefits, to providing virtual support for employee health and well-being.


Support your people


Your people are your greatest asset. How can you support your workforce as their working world changes around them? Find 10 considerations for supporting your workforce.

10 considerations to support your people


Managing EX


Don’t let working remotely derail the employee experience you’ve crafted for your people. See how you can re-design for the remote world. 

Don't let remote working derail employee experience



Stage 2: Returning to work

Inevitably, people will return to the office and customer demand will begin to recover. Are you and your employees prepared? Redesigning the employee experience and welcoming new ways of working will mean the difference between mere re-entry and resurgence.


Protecting your workforce


As demand drops in many industries, businesses are understandably looking for ways to manage their finances. But is looking to redundancies the answer? See six strategies to manage your labour costs through COVID-19.

Managing your labour costs for the rebound six workforce management strategies to minimise labour costs through and beyond COVID-19

Leadership matters


COVID-19 is not a case study in good leadership – it’s a live test of your leaders and their ability to navigate uncertainty. Find out how your leaders stack up – are they helping your organisation thrive? 

The COVID-19 leadership test: How leaders perform has never mattered this much


Employee listening


Keep your finger on the pulse of how your employees are thinking and feeling through uncertain times. Get the feedback you need to continue your to grow your engagement and drive a high-performance culture.

Employee experience: Keep your fingers on the pulse



Stage 3: Reinventing for the future

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we work. Do you have a plan to position your workforce for success post-pandemic? Disruption brings opportunity — to reflect, reset and reinvigorate. In rising to meet the demands of a radically changed world, companies will need to reinvent themselves while holding true to their purpose.


Make the most of now


Never waste a good crisis, as the saying goes. Are you making the most of now, and the opportunities to reinvent? See our checklist for balancing COVID-19 decisions with your long-term talent needs.

Making the most of now: A checklist for balancing COVID-19 decisions with your long-term talent needs

Talent trends


As you reinvent and transform your business, what role does talent play? Learn how leading companies balance cost and care to win in an evolving and unpredictable world with the top talent trends.

2020 Global Talent Trends


Succession and strategy


In a new world, do you have the right talent and capability to take your business to the next level? It’s time to assess where you’re at and where you need to be in the post-COVID world. Get the support you need to rebuild.

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