Solving strategic talent challenges

Building the best workforce design means you should continually strive to develop and enhance your internal capability, make better talent decisions and improve the speed, quality and cost of talent decisions.

Mercer | Evolve is here to help solve your strategic talent challenges by using a data-driven, holistic approach.

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Talent pipelining, reinvented

We work with you to identify, understand and benchmark the world’s best talent for your organisation, helping you to acquire talent, establish global and local talent pools and create succession pipelines. Our aim is to help you develop a comprehensive, data-driven understanding of your internal and external talent landscape.

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Are you prepped for success?

We establish pools of high-potential external successors and understand how they align to organisational priorities and values. We develop a deep understanding of the motivations and aspirations of each of these individuals and how effectively they will perform for your organisation.

We also assess your internal candidates to give you insights into the leadership bench strength and succession readiness of any internal talent. We provide detailed internal succession plans for each critical or pivotal role, protecting your business continuity.

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Know your strengths and weaknesses

Our talent and capability assessments are designed to align your business values, context and operating environment. We use a combination of both stable potential, malleable potential, and external and contextual factors to land on a full picture of a candidate’s readiness for a targeted role.

We also provide best-in-class benchmarking, including external norms (industry and geography specific) to assist you in future proofing your business from a talent perspective.

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How do you stack up against the rest?

We aim to use competitor intelligence to bring you a deep understanding of your market conditions, analysing where your organisation is positioned in relation to your competitors. We provide leaders with powerful insights to improve organisational performance and mitigate the risk involved with operational and strategic decisions, particularly when it comes to creating the right workforce for today and tomorrow.

We use a number of discrete research and intelligence methods to understand functional and organisational structures, key talent, talent inventories, and the strategic priorities of a competitor or industry.

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Mercer | Evolve is a two-way street. If we’ve contacted you to discuss your achievements, it’s because you are a recognised leader in your industry, have delivered business results, and could be just the person our key clients are after.







We want to help you stay ahead, and to do this we’re keen to understand your background, unique career achievements and personal circumstances. Our aim is to introduce you to specific career opportunities that uniquely match you to the next step in your career.


Given Mercer | Evolve clients are growing and investing in their talent capability for critical business functions, the work we do involves a high degree of confidentiality. Generally, we do not disclose our clients’ identity in the first instance and will only do so in subsequent steps where there is strong alignment. So if you’ve heard from us, please get in touch!



About Mercer | Evolve™

Mercer | Evolve™ is formerly known as Evolve Intelligence and was acquired by Mercer in 2018. A leading provider of remuneration consulting and benchmarking services, Mercer has exceptional expertise in workforce planning, organisation design and diversity and inclusion services. Acquiring Evolve Intelligence brings complementary solutions in succession risk management, talent intelligence, talent acquisition and assessment that will deliver end-to-end talent solutions to our clients. Together, we help our clients and their workforces thrive today and into the future.