Analytics Services Team

Analytics Services Team


Analytics Services Team

Imagine you could use data to predict, define and create your ideal workforce for tomorrow, today. Sound impossible, futuristic? It’s not. It’s happening right now.

The Analytical Services Team (AST) provides timely and cost-effective solutions to help support your organisation’s internal Human Resources team. In addition to standard ‘off the shelf’ remuneration and HR surveys, the AST offers a range of customised solutions to fuel your armoury with the basics and ensure your HR team can resolve all existing and future business needs.

AST services include:
  1. Remuneration Reviews – providing fast and effective recommendations on which roles should be increased and by how much. Remuneration movements and forecasts show how the market has moved over the past year, and how likely it is to move in the years to come.

  2. Customised/Bespoke Surveys – as unique and uncommon roles emerge in the market, it can be difficult to source specific data from standard surveys. Customised surveys can capture desired information from companies or sectors of your choosing and deliver benchmarking results.

  3. Policy Benchmarking – how do your business policies compare to those in competing markets? We can review your current benefits offerings and HR policies to determine competitive practices across broader Australian markets.

These are the basics but given greater insight to data, Mercer’s AST can deliver much more. AST are also the innovators behind Mercer’s Know Your Market Hub bringing you the most up-to-date trends in remuneration and insights on the current rewards environment, key economic data affecting pay decisions, topical HR issues and much more! The hub is updated each month to ensure you have access to the most current and reliable information.

As digital disruptions lead to new workplace complexities, reactive problem-solving solutions are essential to tackling critical business needs. Streamlining HR solutions to reduce costs and increase productivity are top priorities for employees this year, and the right support from data experts will provide greater insight and lead to better business decisions.

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