Mercer Super Trust l Mercer Australia

Mercer Super Trust l Mercer Australia

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Mercer Super Trust

More than 220,000 customers rely on the Mercer Super Trust to help secure their financial futures through quality superannuation and financial advice services. 



The Mercer Super Trust offers “ready-made” investment options perfect for members who don’t want to construct their own. Corresponding to popular investment strategies, all Ready-made options are diversified, with a mix of investment managers and asset classes selected by the Trustee.


Members also have the opportunity to mix and match from a wide range of options ranging from more aggressive options for those wanting to achieve higher returns with slightly higher risk, through to options with more unique offerings such as emerging markets, direct property and diversified alternatives, as well as socially responsible options.


The Mercer Super Trust provides a conveniently packaged insurance arrangement under an umbrella policy with built in benefits and features at competitive rates. It includes a choice of benefit structures for death and disability with terms and conditions that are benchmarked regularly against market standards to ensure members’ cover remains competitive.


Mercer’s highly-automated online technology platform for all Electronic Data Transfer (EDT) and Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) functions allows the transfer of member data updates and contributions “straight through” from payroll systems and bank accounts to Mercer in a single transaction. This technology allows significant cost savings and efficiency gains for Mercer Super Trust clients, eliminating manual processes to create resource efficiencies as well as improve accuracy of transactions and reduce scope for human-error.


A number of specialised workflow and service management tools are employed to ensure we deliver on our commitment to meeting all service standards. Our online administration interface ensures members’ contributions are allocated and invested promptly, while Helpline Services management tools enhance member satisfaction through increased enquiry resolution at point of entry and reduction in call-handling time, ensuring adherence to service-level agreements.


We care passionately about members. With integrated member services at the core of the Mercer Super Trust, true alignment of the member service channels (phone, print, digital, face-to-face) is why Mercer’s member services “just work” for members and employers.


  • If you have your super with us via your employer – 1800 682 525

  • If you have a personal super account with us – 1800 810 558

  • If you have a pension account – 1800 671 369

Call us between 8.00am and 7.00pm Monday to Friday (AEST/AEDT).


On-site and highly trained, our phone-based Helpline consultants make it their business to know what makes members tick.


Members have access to a sophisticated secure member website, including the Retirement Income Simulator. The simulator incorporates social security, spouse benefits and time out of the workforce, providing members with a more accurate idea of their whole-of-life savings picture.


Our award-winning print and digital communications teams deliver targeted campaigns and services for members. With expertise in direct marketing campaigns to achieve member outcomes, all communication channels are managed in-house at Mercer.


Financial advice, both face-to-face and phone-based, is also an integrated component of the Mercer Super Trust suite of member services, ensuring members receive tailored, relevant advice when they need it. Contact us for an appointment.


Experienced research consultants regularly reach out to the Mercer Super Trust membership via research surveys to ensure our service channels and products are meeting member needs and expectations.


Mercer has a dedicated data analytics function, focusing on data mining and advanced statistical analysis such as segmentation and predictive modelling.

Super Solutions

Super Administration and Member Services

Our superannuation clients benefit from best-in-class administration capabilities and member service solutions that are genuinely people-focused, flexible and cater to membership bases with different levels of interest, risk profiles, income earning capacity and lifestyles. 

Mercer SmartPath®

Mercer SmartPath, our default superannuation fund, is based on “lifecycle” investment principles. Its underlying asset allocations adjust according to a members’ age to provide greater risk management and a sustainable and adequate income in retirement. These allocations are not set and forgotten — they also take advantage of changes in the market environment. Importantly, Mercer SmartPath manages risk in the crucial period leading up to retirement to preserve members’ capital. 


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