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Anyone managing a retirement plan today faces persistent risks and evolving realities: market volatility, uncertain liabilities, shifting regulations, and pressure to reduce expenses and contributions. Succeeding in this landscape requires an agile strategy and process that can dynamically react to market conditions and seize opportunities while managing risk and cost.

Mercer’s Team Approach

Mercer clients receive advice and solutions driven by an integrated interdisciplinary team of specialists. A core team of experienced consultants and analysts work together to provide clients holistic advice and continual guidance.

The size of Mercer’s operations means we can dynamically expand the team to bring the right professionals to bear on your organization’s specific issues as they arise. Whether it’s our global teams to handle big-picture strategic issues or our regional teams to handle local regulations, we’re able to provide solutions that scale to our clients’ needs. For multinational organizations, Mercer provides consistent management and execution regardless of the country or specialty.

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Mercer Retirement Solutions

Mercer LifetimePlus®

A multi-award winning investment option designed to protect Australians against longevity risk - the risk of outliving their savings. It offers Australians access to simple, affordable and flexible risk protection.

Mercer LifetimePlus is simply an additional investment option built into your account based pension portfolio. It will help your members address longevity risk by paying them an income for the rest of their lives.

Retirement Consulting

A diverse group of consultants with specialised skills in actuarial, governance, legal and investment skills that work across the industry supply chain.

As Australia’s retirement sector continues to grow and mature so too does the fiduciary responsibility of those entrusted to secure retirement funds for employees and members. With ongoing regulation and industry reform those operating in the retirement industry are now a critical component of the financial services industry. This is why Mercer’s clients are not just some of the largest superannuation providers but they are also diversified wealth managers, asset managers, insurance providers, and financial planning advisers.

Mercer Super Trust

Mercer Super Trust's reputation as one of Australia's premier superannuation funds was established by accommodating and managing the complex superannuation arrangements many large companies have inherited. The Mercer Super Trust takes on the complex task of providing superannuation packages for your employees, so you can concentrate on what you do best - running your business.

The Mercer Super Trust is one of the super funds of choice for large Australian employers who need a super program that reflects the specific needs of their workforce. With over 240 employer plans and 240,000 members, we're one of Australia's leading corporate master trusts.

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