Build your university’s endowment fund with specialist support


How you invest your endowment fund today has a profound impact on tomorrow. By making a small change now, you can create a different kind of outcome to help your university flourish for future generations


Long term endowment and foundation investment can be complex - trusted, specialist advice is critical.

We work with many of Australia’s leading universities and not-for-profits to improve investment outcomes and establish sustainable growth strategies that are aligned to their broader mission.

Six Key Investment Strategies

Are you fully leveraging your tax-exempt status, are you investing responsibly, is your liquidity budget appropriate and your strategy truly long term? Our Investment Guide for Endowment and Foundations covers six key insights to get you started. 

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At Mercer, we understand the challenges that endowments and foundations face because we work with hundreds of not-for-profits and universities globally delivering sustainable growth strategies aligned to their broader mission and long-term goals. Learn more about our solutions:


  • Specialist support and expertise

    We help not-for-profits achieve better investment outcomes.
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  • Maximising tax exempt status

    A fund tailored fund for tax exempt investors. 
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  • Socially Responsible Australian Shares

    Specialist advice taking an ethical apprach to investment decisons.
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  • Socially Responsible Global Shares

    This new global fund reflects our best thinking in sustainable investing and portfolio construction.
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Words from our clients

  • “We needed a partner with proven expertise constructing diversified endowment fund portfolios designed to optimise investment returns, while aligning our core beliefs and those of our key stakeholders. We chose Mercer.”

    Paul Dunn,
    Chief Financial Officer
    University of Newcastle

  • “James Cook University is committed to ensuring actions today do not limit the options of future generations, so it’s incredibly important for us to invest our funds in a sustainable way too.”

    Tricia Brand,
    Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Division of Services & Resources
    James Cook University

World-leading investment consultants

Our global insights, expertise and unmatched scale empowers our clients to make the right decisions today, to secure a better tomorrow. Watch the video to discover how we deliver a different kind of perspective for a better investment outcome. 

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