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Mercer Australian Shares For Tax Exempt Investors - a fund designed specifically for investors who are tax exempt and can reclaim franking credits.

Endowments, foundations and retirees who are classified “tax exempt” by the ATO have a distinct advantage in maximising their after-tax total return, provided they are tax aware and have the flexibility to design and construct bespoke portfolios attuned to their tax status.

A tax exempt status does not mean you can ignore tax. Maximising your after tax returns requires careful management of portfolio positions, turnover and franking credits. 

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The Mercer Australian Shares Fund for Tax Exempt Investors was created to help this type of investor maximise their after-tax total return from Australian share investments. The fund invests in Australian shares via a multi-manager approach by selecting investment managers who utilise tax effective strategies. It has been successfully operating since 2013 and is helping a number of Australian endowment and foundation investors maximise their tax status.

The Mercer Australian Shares Fund for Tax Exempt Investors is one of the Mercer Multi-Manager Funds, a series of single sector and diversified unit trusts managed by Mercer Investments (Australia) Limited.

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