Institutional Investors

Institutional Investors

Wealth Management


With research into more than 9,000 investment strategies, covering the stock market, property, hedge funds and more, Mercer advises many types of institutional investors and offers a wide range of managed funds and superannuation options, plus a suite of powerful and versatile software applications and web-based tools help clients make better investment decisions. Learn more about our ‘continuum’ of investment services at left.

Recognising that the needs, challenges and objectives of institutional investors do vary, the Mercer Investments team has been organised into four ‘client units’ covering super funds, endowments & foundations, insurers and wealth managers. Each client unit is focussed, dedicated and attuned to the needs of its particular group of institutional investors

Not-For-Profit Investors

Not-for-Profits include university endowments, charities, family offices, community founcations, indigenous groups, sporting and member associations, faith-based groups and other philanthropic organisations. At Mercer, we understand that you are investing ‘for purpose’ – striving to advance education, relieve poverty, sickness and assist the needs of the aged and benefit your community and stakeholders in countless ways. 

Not-For-Profit investors have different needs and unique advantages, relative to the other investors.

Superannuation Fund Investors

Mercer offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions to super fund trustees, policy committees and employers seeking any advice on how they package and deliver superannuation benefits to their employees. Mercer provides end-to-end superannuation consulting, from plan design to investment advice to administration. Our superannuation specialists work with clients to ensure that their super plans fit their corporate objectives and are designed to attract, motivate and retain the best employees. The Mercer Investments team are the architects and engineers of our flagship superannuation solution - the Mercer Super Trust. This award-winning and innovative super master trust that offers Mercer SmartPath®, which Mercer Super Trust members can rely on throughout their working years and well into retirement to build wealth and generate income to create a better life for themselves.


Insurance funds include life offices, general/property and casualty insurers, motor/transport accident compensation CTP insurers, lifetime care authorities, workers’ compensation schemes, lenders’  mortgage and deposit insurance, health funds and professional indemnity group. We also draw on the strength of insurance expertise available within our sister businesses – Marsh, Oliver Wyman and Guy Carpenter – to partner with insurance clients for greater impact.


Mercer Investments has a dedicated team that enables wealth managers to access our tools, research, advice and solutions, thereby leveraging Mercer’s scale to deliver financial planning and financial advisory services to their own clients and customers efficiently and cost effectively These wealth managers will typically be financial advisors employed by the financial intermediaries who are our clients. We help them overcome the challenges and maximise the opportunities of their primary focus, which is the management, growth and bottom-line profitability of their respective businesses. We also help them develop financial products for the retail market and/or distribute white-labelled Mercer solutions like the Mercer Multi-Manager Funds.

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