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Mercer SmartPath®


Mercer SmartPath® recognises the core objective of superannuation - to help a member grow their super savings for an adequate income in retirement

The following information is for wholesale investors, such as super funds, seeking to offer a lifecycle investment option for their members.

If you are an individual, please visit Mercer's Financial Services website for details of the SmartPath investment option within the Mercer Super Trust.


About Mercer SmartPath®

Mercer SmartPath® is designed to help members achieve an adequate and sustainable income throughout their retirement;

  • Enhancing their exposure to growth assets while they’re young.
  • Providing greater confidence that their super will be protected.
  • Setting them on a path of sustainable income in retirement. 
Mercer SmartPath® is an innovative approach to delivering retirement incomes - one that recognises that superannuation isn't just there to create wealth, but to deliver an adequate and sustainable income throughout each member's retirement.


Who Can Benefit From Mercer SmartPath®?

• Super fund trustees and wealth managers who want a state-of-the-art super option to offer to their members or clients.

• Chief Investment Officers and others responsible for the investment of super fund assets, who can leverage the scale and resources of Mercer via Mercer SmartPath™ to achieve their own investment objectives.

 HR and/or superannuation managers tasked with finding a more efficient way to deliver state-of-the-art, quality superannuation benefits to employees, particularly in the wake of the Stronger Super reforms.


Smart Design

Mercer SmartPath is an innovative approach to delivering retirement incomes – one that recognises that superannuation isn’t just there to create wealth, but to deliver an adequate and sustainable income throughout each members’ retirement.

We’ve designed Mercer SmartPath to meet members’ needs as they age. Members are placed in a fund based on their date of birth. The funds are grouped into five-year age bands. Younger members commencing their retirement savings journey will start with an allocation of 85% growth assets.  As they get older, they will automatically and gradually ‘glide’ from a growth-oriented investment strategy to a defensive-oriented strategy.  Mercer closely manages the investment strategy for each age band, having careful consideration of likely risk tolerance, liquidity needs, opportunities for tax efficiency and income requirements.

The Mercer SmartPath funds combine Mercer’s best ideas across all aspects of investment strategy design and implementation. The Mercer SmartPath glidepath, shown below, works not just to but through retirement to help members achieve adequate and sustainable incomes throughout their whole life.

Mercer SmartPath glidepath diagram

Mercer Multi-Manager Funds


The Mercer Multi-Manager Funds are a set of single sector and diversified multi-manager funds that incorporate Mercer’s best ideas on asset allocation, investment manager selection, operational efficiency and sustainable investing. 

For more Information visit the Mercer Multi-Manager Funds website.


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Are you a Mercer Super Member?

If you are a personal Mercer Super Member please contact us through one of the following methods:

If you have your Super with us via your employer – 1800 682 525
If you have a personal Super account with us – 1800 810 558
If you have a pension account – 1800 671 369

Call us between 8:00am and 7:00pm Monday to Friday (AEST / AEDT).

For more information on the Mercer Financial Sevices or to login to your Mercer super account visit Mercer's Financial Services website.

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