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Mercer Investments designs, builds and  maintains the ‘engines’ that power the performance of the Mercer Super Trust investment options, and  the Mercer Multi-Manager Funds.

Through in-depth, sophisticated global  research, Mercer Investments identifies opportunities to capitalise on, risks  to avoid or mitigate, and provides shortlists of world-class investment  managers.  Everything we do is firmly  based on five foundational investment beliefs that underpin our approach and drive investment success.

Staffed by research analysts, asset  consultants, operations experts and portfolio managers, Mercer Investments  delivers an unmatched level of service to help clients and their employees  navigate complex investment markets.  Clients  who partner with Mercer access and benefit from our:

Experience – over 40 years of it.
People – more than 1,200 worldwide, including 100+ dedicated  researchers on the ground and in the markets that they are researching.
Scale – managing and accountable for more than hundreds of  billions of dollars globally; around $A18 billion in Australia.

That $A18 billion is managed by our highly-regarded  local portfolio management team. Having global reach but a local CIO is an  important distinction because it ensures that we are in tune with your issues  at a local level. In other words, we bring you a world of opportunity without  imposing global ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions on Australian clients..

When you appoint Mercer, our team effectively  becomes your team, giving you access to all the experience, people and scale  that Mercer Investments brings to bear. Now that’s a formidable combination.

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Mercer Australia Investments Solutions


Investment solutions for super fund trustees, policy committees and employers seeking advice on how they package and deliver superannuation benefits to their employees. We consult on everything from plan design to investment advice to administration.

Our superannuation investment specialists work with clients to ensure that their super plans fit their corporate objectives and are designed to attract, motivate and retain the best employees. The Mercer Investments team are the architects and engineers of our flagship superannuation solution - the Mercer Super Trust. This award-winning and innovative super master trust offers Mercer SmartPath®, which Mercer Super Trust members can rely on throughout their working years and well into retirement to build wealth and generate income to create a better life for themselves. 

Financial Planning

It’s never been harder to find a good financial advisor to help you with your financial planning. Mercer’s financial advisors are experts, truly independent and meet the highest standards for education integrity and professionalism.

Mercer Financial Planning provides financial advice to clients in three ways: Financial Advice Helpline, Workplace Advice, Strategic Financial Advice

Multi Manager Funds

The Mercer Multi-Manager Funds offer investors access to our best investment ideas through a range of portfolios, which are actively and dynamically managed to manage risk and deliver diversity, sustainable growth and operational efficiency.

Achieve the necessary diversification you need in your portfolio thanks to the very wide opportunity set of funds offered.  Access quality active management identified via our tools & research, including the world's largest investment manager database.  Get results from changes in market conditions via the advice and flexibility our Dynamic Asset Allocation process provides.  Maximise the value of each dollar you invest by minimising unnecessary costs and avoiding unrewarded risks.  Prepare for the future and achieve sustainable growth.

Responsible Investment

Responsible Investment (RI) is about looking long term and considering what needs to be done now in order to achieve sustainable investment growth in the future taking account of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors.

Responsible Investment (RI) integrates ESG risks and opportunities into the investment process, along with the exercise of active ownership (voting and engagement). A sustainable investment approach, which considers such risks and opportunities is preferred because those ESG factors can have a material impact on long-term risk and return outcomes. Mercer’s RI specialist team provides advice and research to mitigate portfolio risk, demonstrate active ownership, and construct portfolios that target long-term returns and sustainable growth. The team also helps those investors seeking greater alignment between their organisation’s values, policies, and investment allocations. 

Insurance Fund Investment

Insurance funds such as life offices and property insurers need specialised investment advice to manage their asset liability balance sheet risk, liquidity, target solvency and more. Mercer’s investment solutions are designed to help.

Insurance funds include life offices, general/property and casualty insurers, motor/transport accident compensation CTP insurers, lifetime care authorities, workers’ compensation schemes, lenders’  mortgage and deposit insurance, health funds and professional indemnity group. We also draw on the strength of insurance expertise available within our sister businesses – Marsh, Oliver Wyman and Guy Carpenter – to partner with insurance clients for greater impact.  

Operational Efficiency

Mercer Sentinel helps asset owners reduce risk and improve investment returns through better control and management of their operations; protecting capital, plugging portfolio performance leaks, transitioning, monitoring and much more.

Mercer Sentinel is a dedicated specialist team within Mercer Investments focused on advising clients on the non-investment risks associated with investment operations and execution. The team focuses on very specific areas of non-investment and service provider risk and is comprised of professionals who have deep backgrounds and experience in custody, investment operations and execution, and risk management. Mercer Sentinel is a recognized industry leader with respect to consulting on custody, middle office, investment operations and transaction-based activities, including execution quality, operational risk management, and governance.

Wealth Managers

Wealth managers may access Mercer Investments’ tools, research, advice and solutions to leverage Mercer’s scale and deliver financial planning/advisory services to their own clients and customers efficiently and cost effectively.

Mercer Investments has a dedicated team that enables wealth managers to access our tools, research, advice and solutions, thereby leveraging Mercer’s scale to deliver financial planning and financial advisory services to their own clients and customers efficiently and cost effectively.  These wealth managers will typically be financial advisors employed by the financial intermediaries who are our clients. We help them overcome the challenges and maximise the opportunities of their primary focus, which is the management, growth and bottom-line profitability of their respective businesses. We also help them develop financial products for the retail market and/or distribute white-labelled Mercer solutions like the Mercer Multi-Manager Funds.

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