Global Pension Index

The economic impact of COVID-19 is heightening the financial pressures retirees face, both now and in the future. Find out what systems rank best in the Mercer CFA Institute Global Pension Index.


Hot off the press, Australian-specific talent trends are at your fingertips. Take a deep dive into how Australian organisations are revolutionising their workforces, as well as our recommendations.

Salary and Benefit benchmarking surveys

Our range of benchmarking data, analytics and insight options including off–the-shelf general market surveys & specific industry benchmarking surveys.


Federal Budget

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has handed down the 2020-21 budget, find out Mercer’s perspective on what this means for Australia across investment, superannuation and retirement, aged care, employment and health.

Stay ahead of change

Your line of sight into legislative and regulatory change impacting superannuation.

investor insights

Learn how a strong governance framework can help institutional investors better position for success in 2021.

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