The Mercer Multi-Manager Funds enable investors to delegate some or all of their investment portfolio management to Mercer. In doing so, clients benefit from our in-depth investment research, scale and operational efficiency. 

The Mercer Multi-Manager Funds allow our clients to achieve optimum diversification across different asset class sectors and multiple investment managers. 

We select investment managers for their complementarity, with the aim of outperforming single-manager funds through the entire business cycle, with lower volatility of returns. We manage and monitor the investment managers on our client’s behalf, providing them with online access to their account and regular reporting.

Why choose a Mercer Multi-Manager Fund?

  • Diversification – select from one or more of the single sector or diversified funds to tailor a portfolio that meets your needs.
  • Active management – access high quality, complementary active managers we identify via our tools and research, including the world's largest investment manager database.
  • Dynamic asset allocation – for the diversified funds we make medium-term asset allocation changes in response to changing market conditions to add value and/or mitigate risk in your portfolio.
  • Operational efficiency – we maximise the value of each dollar you invest by minimising unnecessary costs and avoiding unrewarded risks.
  • Sustainability – we build sustainability principles into the Funds, via our ESG policies, to help protect and enhance the value of your investment. More information on our environmental, social & governance (ESG) policies is provided below. 

The Mercer Multi-Manager Funds are what’s called ‘fully distributing unit trusts’ that have a minimum initial investment of $100,000. Mercer also has a superannuation master trust, the Mercer Super Trust, and a pooled superannuation trust, the Mercer Super Investment Trust, which also invest in the Mercer Multi-Manager Funds.

Investor clients and advisers can review holding and transaction information via our Registry Portal, which can be accessed below. 


Mercer’s range of single sector funds offer you a diverse range of asset class building blocks with which to construct a unique portfolio tailored to your needs and objectives. Our single sector funds cover a broad range of asset types, including:

  • Australian and international shares.
  • Property and infrastructure.
  • Alternatives.
  • Fixed interest.
  • Cash.

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Mercer’s range of diversified funds offers access to:

  • A range of multi-sector portfolios targeting various levels of investment growth.
  • A share portfolio diversified across both Australian and international equities.
  • A multi-sector income-generating portfolio.

Our diversified funds have ‘pre-mixed’ our single-sector funds, described above, into portfolios that target the investment objectives we know many investors are aiming for.

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Investor clients and advisers can review holding and transaction information via our Registry Portal. 

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The Mercer Multi-Manager Funds invest sustainably and with regard to corporate governance in two keys ways, by integrating our:

  1. Sustainable Investment Policy with the ongoing processes for the operation of the Funds.
  2. Applying our Corporate Governance Policy to exercise our share voting power to influence the activities of the underlying companies within our allocations to equities. Our Proxy Voting Search lets you see, by fund or by company, where Mercer has applied its share voting power on behalf of investors.

These policies have been developed with Mercer’s Responsible Investment (RI) team. Looking at investment through an RI lens offers an investment view that is more likely to create and preserve long-term value. This is an important touchpoint within Mercer’s investment beliefs. It ensures the viability and sustainability of value, not just over the next five or ten years, but over the next 20, 30 or 50. Taking a long-term view is never easy, especially when short-term demands require so much consideration and compete for the attention of already stretched resources. It involves challenging the status quo, questioning how capital could be better allocated and utilised, and considering what risks might emerge in the future.

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