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Investing in Perpetuity

The question for endowments and foundations is how to develop a portfolio that will not only withstand the “crisis du jour” or the “bull market of the moment” but also features an investment strategy that will endure. As one of the world’s longest-serving fiduciaries between institutional investors and asset managers, Mercer understands the importance of investing for the long term.

Our Experience With Not-for-Profit Organizations

At Mercer, we know the challenges that endowments and foundations face. We work with more than 250 not-for-profit clients and have helped build their portfolios and spending policies and have guided their committees through some of the most challenging times. There are few situations related to nonprofits that we haven’t faced.

Helping Fulfill Big Goals

Mercer is dedicated to helping endowments and foundations not only realize higher risk-adjusted returns but also fulfill a higher mission. Mercer’s size and scale provide our clients with a real advantage. We have resources in 35 financial centers, enabling us to identify emerging managers as well as maintain ongoing relationships with current managers.

A High-Touch Experience

Unlike smaller organizations, Mercer has the resources to provide our clients personalized service. For instance, we have a low client-to-consultant ratio, and our consultants are supported by a full staff of analysts, researchers, and operations staff. This allows us to bring to bear a higher level of expertise and service for our clients.

Minimizing Risks and Costs

We help organizations strike the right balance between risk and potential returns, with an unflinching eye for reducing costs. There are no hidden charges; we do what we do for a simple, straightforward fee.

Build a Long-term Relationship

At Mercer, we are geared for the long term. Established in 1945, we’ve faithfully served clients for more than 70 years.

Endowments and Foundations Services

Investment Advice

Mercer’s powerful and versatile software applications and web-based tools help clients make better investment decisions and also inform our own investment research, advice and solutions.

Mercer Investments consultants will take the time to learn the unique circumstances of your endowment or foundation and to understand your investment committee’s philosophy and objectives.

Delegated Solutions

Many clients don’t have the time, resources or expertise to achieve their investment objectives on their own and prefer to delegate all or some of the implementation decisions to an expert like Mercer.

Mercer’s delegated solution combines a wide range of multi-manager funds with the insights and ideas drawn from our proprietary tools, research and advice to help you achieve the investment return outcome you're targeting within the risk tolerance established by your investment committee.

Sustainable Growth

Taking a sustainable investment view is more likely to create and preserve long-term value and aligns well with the long-term investment horizons of not-for-profit investors.

This is an important touchpoint within Mercer’s investment beliefs. It ensures the viability and sustainability of value, not just over the next five or ten years, but over the next 20, 30 or 50. Taking a long-term view is never easy, especially when short-term demands require so much consideration and compete for the attention of already stretched resources. It involves challenging the status quo, questioning how capital could be better allocated and utilised, and considering what risks might emerge in the future.

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