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Many people retiring today will live to at least 90 – but their super won’t last as long as they do. In fact, most people retire with only enough savings to last 14 years. On average retirees will outlive their super by up to 5 years.

Mercer LifetimePlus® is a multi-award winning investment option designed to protect Australians against longevity risk - the risk of outliving their savings. It offers Australians access to simple, affordable and flexible risk protection.

Mercer’s LifetimePlus recent awards include Innovator of the Year at the Conexus Financial Superannuation Awards, the Chant West award for Best Fund, Innovation and is the only superannuation product this year to be recognised by CANSTAR’s Innovation Excellence Awards as a game-changing innovative solution for Australians.

See Mercer LifetimePlus in action.


Enhance your account based pension portfolio

Mercer LifetimePlus is simply an additional investment option built into your account based pension portfolio. It will help your members address longevity risk by paying them an income for the rest of their lives.

Retain assets and members

By offering a competitive new feature within your account based pension portfolio, you can continue the relationship with your members after they retire and retain funds under management.

Lifetime protection, without the premiums

Combining an investment strategy focused on capital preservation with a unique longevity risk pooling structure, Mercer LifetimePlus is the first in the market to offer longevity risk protection with no additional insurance premiums.

Diversified income streams

Without a diversified income, your members are vulnerable to economic factors such as market volatility. Mercer LifetimePlus tops up your members’ account based pensions with three diversified income streams: investment earnings, living bonus payments and capital return payments.

Stability of earnings and preservation of capital

In order to provide members with an income as long as they live, Mercer LifetimePlus employs a conservative investment strategy, protecting investors’ capital and aiming to provide net investment earnings of cash plus 0.6% per annum. Capital is also returned to members at a rate of 2.5% per annum (for a maximum 20 years) after they have been an investor for 15 years, and provided they are over age 75.

Rewards longevity through a unique pooling structure

With an investment in Mercer LifetimePlus, members can expect to receive an increasing income for as long as they live through the living bonus, which are payments from Mercer LifetimePlus’ unique longevity pool. The older members are and the longer they have been invested, the higher will be their living bonus payments.

If you want to find out more about how your fund and your members can benefit from Mercer LifetimePlus, just ask us to give you a call using the form below.

Mercer LifetimePlus® is subject to a provisional patent application by Mercer (Australia) Proprietary Limited.


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